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RICOH G900 - Vista rápida

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  • Proof against water, dust, shock, and chemicals*1
  • 5× optical zoom (28–140 mm)
  • Support for camera memos
  • 4K resolution for sharper movies

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Proof against
water, dust, shock,
and chemicals

5× optical zoom
(28–140 mm)

Support for
camera memos

Waterproof up to 20 m; able to withstand drops of 2.1 m onto a 5 cm thick plywood surface while on (measured according to RICOH’s in-house version of the Pentagon MIL-Standard 810F Method 516.5–Shock drop test); able to withstand loads of 100 kg (measured according to in-house tests); and resistant to ethanol, sodium hypochlorite, and liquid chlorine dioxide.

All focal lengths in this page are 35 mm format equivalents.

A heavy-duty digital camera with a waterproof, dustproof, shock- and chemical-resistant body for use at demanding worksites
The new business-use model features advanced camera functions to enhance image file management, and provides GPS functions and barcode scanning capability as standard

The RICOH G900 features a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor with approximately 20.0 effective megapixels, which captures bright, high-resolution images even in low-light conditions. It is designed to be approximately 26% more compact than its predecessor, despite an enhanced shock-resistant performance to withstand a fall from 2.1 meters.* Its downsized body improves portability, its accessible button positioning enhances operability, and its flawlessly contoured grip ensures a firm hold on the camera. It also inherits the wide neck strap of its predecessor, which enables two-point, cross-shoulder suspension to enhance the ease of carrying and handling at worksites.

In addition to outdoor applications at civil engineering, construction and disaster relief sites, the RICOH G900 can also be used in a wide range of indoor industries, at locations such as high-security workplaces thanks to the password-protected Camera Lock function inherited from its predecessor, and medical and manufacturing facilities requiring thorough cleansing and sterilization of equipment.

Camera memos: image management made easy

Use the camera or a PC to create written or voice memos that can later be added to photos. Memos can contain up to 30 seconds of audio or up to 100 items with descriptions of up to 128 characters each.

Equipped with GPS and an electronic compass

Use the camera’s built-in GPS and electronic compass to record location data with photos and movies. Location data can be acquired via GPS, the Japanese Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS, also known as Michibiki), and GLONASS. The “GPS Lock” button can be used to record the location of a selected target.

Putting survey slates to good use with image clips

A previously-recorded image of a survey slate can be embedded as sub-image to a photo of the entire worksite, making it easier to take photos when your hands are too full, or the location too cramped or too dark, to place a slate. You can also choose the slate’s size (large, medium, or small) and location (up, down, left, or right).

4K resolution for sharper movies

Shoot movies in 4K (frame size 3840 × 2160 pixels, 30 fps) for high-resolution footage that gives you an overall view of a big construction site, for example, or helps you grasp the relative positions of various objects.

Compare images with “Watermark Options”

Use existing pictures as a template when composing new photos. Template transparency can be selected from 20, 40, 60, and 80 percent. Templates can also be placed next to photos with the same composition for side-by-side comparisons. One way in which this feature can be used is for before and after shots on construction sites.

Internal memory with around 6.5 GB of image storage

The camera features internal memory with space enough for 856 maximum-quality images. Keep shooting secure in the knowledge that won’t run out of storage when the memory card is full.

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Tipo - Tipo de cámara

Digital compact camera resistant to water, dust, sand, crash, cold and pressure for movie and photo

Sensor - Tipo


Sensor - Píxeles Efectivos

approx. 20 MP

Cuerpo - Altura


Cuerpo - Anchura


Cuerpo - Profundidad


Cuerpo - Peso

219g (without battery and memory card)

247g (loaded and ready)

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