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PR-65EDA kit with PR XL 8-24mm eyepiece - Descripción

The PENTAX PR-65EDA Spotting Scope is specially designed for lovers of nature observation. A lens with 2 ED elements and Fully Balanced Multi Coating (FBMC) will guarantee a better light transmition, color quality, and an exceptional contrast and brightness even at the edges of the lens.

It offers following specifications:

  • Lightweight magnesium alloy construction body
  • Argon-purged, fully water and dust proof (JIS Class 6)
  • FBMC (Fully Balanced Multi Coating) on all lenses and prisms for true colour reproduction, truity, contrast and brightness
  • Double (ED) Objective lens for maximum resolution
  • PENTAX astro-standard 1 ¼” (31,7mm) eyepiece connector
  • Ergonomically designed 45° angle for easy and comfortable viewing
  • Delivered with a nylon field case

The smc PENTAX PR XL 8-24 Eyepiece is the newest ultra-light, highly compact and high-performance eyepiece in the Pentax range. Fulfilling all the JIS Class 6 (or equivalent) requirements it is designed specifically for the "Maverick" consumer category – rough, tough, outdoors… no compromise!

Dramatically improved optical performance with "Fully Balanced Multi Coating" (FBMC) of all lens elements (9 elements in 3 groups), ensures a clean image throughout the field of view, excellent light transmission, color truity, contrast and brightness. It is fully water and dust-proof, as well as nitrogen-purged.  The astro-standard 1 ¼" eyepiece connector can be used with all spotting scopes in the PENTAX product range.

The eyepiece connector features an o-ring, making the scope kit "outdoor proof" – always the preferred option for the discerning observer who expects a rough, tough and rugged product while delivering exceptional optical performance. The eyepiece fulfills JIS Class 6 (or equivalent) standards.

It offers following specifications:

  • JIS Class 6 waterproof construction for greater durability
  • FBMC (Fully Balanced Multi Coating) on all lenses and prisms for true colour reproduction, truity, contrast and brightness
  • O-Ring on the eyepiece connector for enhanced weather resistance
  • Pentax SMC full-surface multi-layer coated optics reduce glare while providing maximum light transmission
  • Accepts all standard 1 1/4 inch interchangeable telescope eyepieces
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