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PF-100ED kit with XL 8-24 eyepiece - Vista rápida

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A high-performance spotting scope for a professional use.

  • Lightweight magnesium-alloy construction, Durable rubber armored body
  • Extra-large 100mm objective lenses for bright viewing under all light conditions
  • High-refraction, low dispersion (ED) lanthanum glass to provide high resolution images with minimal aberrations
  • Pentax SMC full-surface multi-layer coated optics reduce glare while providing maximum light transmission and color quality
  • Large focusing wheel allowing effortless fine focusing
  • A built-in lens shade cuts excessive light and helps to prevent rain and other weather elements from interfering with viewing

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A high-performance spotting scope combining an extra-large, high-resolution 100mm ED lens with outstanding operability and maneuverability

The PENTAX PF-100ED Spotting scope is without doubt the best you can get … short of building your own! The 100mm ED objective lens and lanthanum glass gather light with spectacular resolution and clarity. Combined with SMC lens coatings and the superior XW eyepieces, you will enjoy razor-sharp edge-to-edge images – not only for terrestrial and also for lunar and planetary observation. By simply adding a PENTAX SLR camera and adapter, the PF-100ED transforms into a formidable telephoto lens for fine detail photography.

Extra-Large 100mm Objective Lens for an Exceptionally Bright Image Field

The PF-100ED’s objective lens features an extra-large effective aperture of 100mm to produce a super-bright image field for effortless subject spotting and high-precision focusing.

High-Resolution ED Elements for a Sharp, Crisp Image

The objective lens incorporates ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements to deliver a sharp, high-resolution image with minimal chromatic aberrations.

Straight-Line Barrel for Pinpoint Pursuit of the Subject

The maneuverable straight-line barrel makes it fast and easy to spot and follow the subject from a distance.

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